Tentative Paper Topics

Tentative Paper Topics for Oral Presentation at the 18th ISF – Malta

  1. The Rise and Fall of Consumer Fireworks Manufacturing in the U.S.
  2. The past, present and future of electrical ignition of fireworks
  3. Particulate matter emissions from fireworks and their impact on air quality in Germany – New method for determining emission factors and quantifying total emissions
  4. Application and Consequences of REACH in the German Pyrotechnic Industry
  5. Analysis of the Successful Launch of a 1,575 mm Shell with Comparison to External and Internal Ballistics Study
  6. Study of Safety evaluation of Fireworks Machine involving gunpowder manufacturing in China
  7. The Manufacturing of Bigger Aerial Fireworks Shells (36 inches +)
  8. Fireworks as a Cultural Entity
  9. Bursting Titanium Particles Controlled by Molecular Diffusion
  10. Novel Method for Measurement of Emission Spectra of Fireworks Effects
  11. Consumer Fireworks in Europe – Challenges for the Future
  12. Our New Trial to Reactivate Consumer Fireworks Market in Japan
  13. Effects of Firework Size and Chemical Composition on “Audible Effect”
  14. Investigation of an Explosion in a Firework Storage
  15. Prohibition of Consumer Fireworks in Australia
  16. The hazards of wet fireworks containing flash powder
  17. Experimental Validation of a new Packaging Type that Significantly Reduces the Transport Hazard Classification of Large Size Shells
  18. Firework is Culture!
  19. Height Estimates of Aerial Shell Bursts Using Angular Measurements Made with Inexpensive Equipment from Three Reference Positions
  20. Measurements of PM 2.5/10 in Aerial Shell Breaks Using a Drone-Mounted Particulate Analyzer
  21. Consideration in the Design of Hybrid Shows
  22. Building for Safety: Urban Planning Measures in Favour of Fireworks Factories
  23. Analysis and Reduction of Emissions from Pyrotechnic Articles
  24. From Stardust to Stardust – the story of how Robert Burch was memorialized into fireworks using a novel method for a public display
  25. A dive into the iconography of fireworks
  26. Computational Modelling of a Highly Energetic and Sustainable Material for Fireworks
  27. Fireworks as a Cultural Entity
  28. Significant Impacts of COVID-19 on Omagari Hanabi
  29. Fireworks Accidents in Japan in 2021
  30. Experimental Validation of a new Packaging Type that Significantly Reduces the Transport Hazard Classification of Large Size Shells
  31. Introduction of China Small Fireworks Standard
  32. Is Education Considered as the Key to Safety During the Manufacture of Fireworks?
  33. History and Evolution of Designing Fireworks Displays
  34. Analysis of Hazard Factors on Quality and Safety of Fireworks from the Perspective of Consumers
  35. Preliminary Study on the Environmental Impact of Firework Use
  36. Marketing Analysis of Sparklers Fireworks in China Market
  37. Development of Rapid Detection Technology for Chlorate, Perchlorate, and Nitrate in Fireworks and Firecrackers
  38. What Factor Makes Fireworks More Attractive to Audiences?
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