Schedule and Presentations


May 5 – 10, 2019


  1. Ballistic Safety Advantages of Modern Propellants in Fireworks
  2. Automatic Translation of Effect Names from Spanish and other Languages to VDL
  3. Determination of Measures for Safe Production Processes Depending on the Hazardous Properties of Pyrotechnic Compositions
  4. Assessment of Hazardous Properties of Pyrotechnic Compositions and Articles for a Save Production
  5. Pyro safety: is it enough?
  6. Height Estimates of Aerial Shell Bursts Using Angular Measurements Made with Inexpensive Equipment from three Reference Positions
  7. Resisting the Impact of an Exploding 6” (150 mm) Dud Aerial Display Shell: Design and Testing of a Protective Roof Pergola
  8. Safe use and Storage of Fireworks in The Netherlands
  9. Fireworks Displays, Rockets, Inventions, Thunderstorms and Lightning in Tarragona, Catalonia, in the 17th and 18th Centuries
  10. External and Internal Ballistics Study and Pressure Evaluation for the Safe Design of a 1,575 mm Mortar
  11. The Cause of Muzzle Breaks
  12. The Psychology of Safety in the Fireworks Industry
  13. A Method to Produce Falling Leaves Utilizing Solvent-Activated Parlon™/Metal-Fuel Formulae
  14. “Secured E-Match” Revolution: How to Set a Display Safely and Fast!
  15. Comprehensive Safety Considerations for  Businesses Handling Explosives
  16. The Art and History of Fireworks and Fireworks as a Cultural Entity
  17. The Ongoing Developments of UK Regulation – Transport, Storage, Standards and Brexit!
  18. America’s National Fireworks Association’s (NFA) Stalwart, Fact-Based Opposition to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Proposed Ban of Powdered Metals in Consumer Fireworks (1.4g) Burst Charges
  19. Black Powder Equivalency Test for Burst Powders in Aerial Fireworks Shells
  20. Basic Methods for Assigning Firing System Addresses
  21. Historical Aspects of Firework Safety: The Introduction of Potassium Chlorate into Pyrotechny
  22. Historical Aspects of Firework Safety: The Introduction of Potassium Perchlorate into Pyrotechny
  23. Overview of ISO Standards
  24. Study on the General Safety Standard of Firework Machinery Touching Gunpowder
  25. Influence of PM2.5 Concentration in Ambient Air Quality
  26. Fireworks Disaster – A Preventable Tragedy
  27. Innovative new Military Training Pyrotechnics enhance Live Training through Immersion: Specialist Pyrotechnics for Weapon Effects Simulation
  28. Fireworks Industry Regulation in Queensland – 20 Years from the Bray Park Tragedy
  29. Effect of Carboxylate Coating on Degradation of Magnesium Based Fireworks
  30. Fragile Color of Traditional Japanese Sparkler, Senko-Hanabi
  31. Fireworks Accidents in Japan During 2016-2017
  32. “… until someone gets hurt.”
  33. Recognition, Assessment, and control of Electrostatic Hazards in Fireworks Manufacturing and Use
  34. The Final Report of 16th International Symposium on Fireworks in Omagari
  35. History of Fireworks in Mexico
  36. Certification of Pyrotechnic Products and Procedures (LOM)
  37. Tultepec’s Crafting Catalog Presentation
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