Program Advertising

Advertising space in the Program for the 18th ISF is still available and a good investment. The Program will be provided to all the attendees as both the printed copy and as a digital file on the symposium flashcard, along with a digital copy of the Proceedings. Your Ad will be seen by many potential customers, repetitively.

Here are the Advertising opportunities still available. Prices are in USD. All Ads will be printed in 4-colour (CMYK). Purchase by selecting the desired item at the bottom of the page.

Interior pages (with margins)
— Inside Front Cover $1,400
— Inside Back Cover $1,200
— Full page $1000
— Half page, horizontal $600
Insertion of copies of your printed Ad or a
promotional item in all of the attendees’ bags
(minimum 350 bags) 
Layout proof of ad $300


Submitting Your Ad

After making your payment, please send your digital Ad to the ISFS Ltd VP and Treasurer, Andrew Tang,, or to NO LATER THAN 29 MARCH 2023 (03/29/23). We will contact you immediately with an acknowledgement of receipt of your Ad and additional information, if necessary.

If you would prefer to have us print your Ad for the attendee bags, please contact us at one of the two email addresses above, also on or before 03/29/2023.

File Format Information

Your digital Ad should be provided in one of the following formats: llustrator EPS (outline fonts and embedded graphics), Quark Xpress (include all fonts and placed graphics), High resolution TIFF or JPEG, or Press-ready PDF, with a resolution of 300 dpi.

Full page (portrait/vertical), 4-colour; Dimensions: 10.25” (26 cm)  x  7.75” (19.7 cm)

Half page (landscape/horizontal), 4-colour; Dimensions: 5.0” (12.7 cm)  x  7.75” (19.7 cm)

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