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The International Symposium on Fireworks Society Ltd (ISFS Ltd) in collaboration with the Malta Host Committee (MHC), comprising the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) and the Maltese Pyrotechnic Society (MPS), are now organizing the 18th International Symposium on Fireworks (ISF). The ISF is recognized as the premier forum for the presentation of papers and the discussion of topics dealing with the safety, scientific, engineering, artistic, environmental, historical and regulatory aspects of fireworks and other pyrotechnics associated with entertainment and celebration.

Everyone loves Maltese Fireworks and although they are meant for “Professional Use” there are concerns with the trend in various localities around the world that are contemplating the abolishment of the use of Consumer Fireworks by the general public. We have decided to address this trend by establishing the theme for the 18th ISF as “Consumers Right to Use Consumer Fireworks.”

Worldwide, the access to consumer fireworks by individuals for their own use and enjoyment ranges from nearly unrestricted to prohibited by government entities. Safety concerns usually form the basis for restrictions on consumer fireworks access. Do the accidental injuries data justify the safety concerns leading to prohibition of consumer fireworks? Are there other concerns, such as environmental impact? Can consumer fireworks be designed and manufactured to be used more safely by the general public without a diminishment in their pyrotechnic effects and attractiveness? Papers on this subject and those on the manufacture, transportation, storage and use of Fireworks are encouraged and will be of great interest to the 18th ISF-Malta attendees. Technically rigorous papers specifically dealing with the sensitivities and energy output of Fireworks compositions are also highly desirable.

Papers in the following traditional areas are encouraged:

  • Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering of Fireworks and associated pyrotechnic devices
  • New Concepts, Techniques and Products for the Manufacture, Transportation and Storage of Fireworks
  • Environmental issues with the use of Fireworks
  • National Fireworks Regulations, Standards and Codes
  • The Art and History of Fireworks and Fireworks as a Cultural Entity

Two Workshops during the week of the symposium are planned, with one being on the “Consumers’ Right to Use Consumer Fireworks,” and the other focusing on the Maltese fireworks industry, and its attempts, and those of others, at successfully launching large fireworks shells.

Abstracts of approximately 200 words should be submitted by October 15, 2022, by e-mail to one of the following associate editors:

Mexico and South America: Jorge Márquez
Japan: Mitsuru Arai
China: Andrew Tang
All other locations and for technical information: Ettore Contestabile or Roger Schneider

Authors will be informed of acceptance of papers for the Symposium by November 15, 2022. If accepted, the completed manuscripts must be received by January 15, 2023 along with a completed Copyright Form. Maintaining this schedule will allow the 18th ISF Editors to review and lightly edit the manuscripts and to have them compiled to produce the Proceedings in time for the Symposium start date and to be distributed to the 18th ISF registrants.

Refereed papers: Editors/Reviewers

 ISF Proceeding’s Paper Editors/Reviewers

Although papers submitted for publication in the ISF Proceedings have been lightly edited in the past, there were very few occasions where the ISF was asked if the published papers were considered as being refereed, an in “Journals”

The ISFS Ltd Board of Directors (BoD) has decided to have offer the service of thoroughly “refereed” papers that are published in the ISF Proceedings. The BoD has assembled a short list of editors/reviewers for the upcoming Malta ISF. The list of editors/reviewers may change and may be used for future ISFs.

Please let the BoD know if you wish your paper to be considered for refereeing and note that not all papers will qualify either because of the technical content or the absence of expertise in the current list of editors/reviewers. The author of a paper requesting that said paper be refereed, may suggest a referee (not any of the authors listed in the paper to be refereed). The BoD may then contact the suggested person to determine if he/she qualifies.

At this time, the following list indicates the current editors/reviewers/referees for the 2023 Malta ISF.

  • Ettore Contestabile
  • Roger Schneider
  • Andrew Tang
  • Mitsuru Arai
  • Jorge Marquez
  • Shulin Nie
  • Marc Speer
  • Pierre Thebault
  • Will Harvey
  • Prof. Atsumi Miyake from Yokohama National University (Vive President of the Univ.)
  • Prof. Mieko Kumasaki from Yokohama National University (Associate Prof.)
  • Prof. Chihiro Inoue from Kyushu University (Associate Prof.)
  • Dr. Shuji Hatanaka from Japan Pyrotechnics Association

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