About the ISF: Discover the Fire!

The International Symposium on Fireworks is the world’s premiere international gathering of the pyrotechnic industry. Each Symposium focuses on bringing together individuals of diverse pyrotechnic background, to provide a fertile atmosphere in which to see the newest technology, to trade experience and ideas on ways to enhance the industry and to move the science forward. The emphasis of the Symposia is on the presentation of papers and the discussion of topics dealing with the safety, scientific, engineering, artistic, and regulatory aspects of fireworks and other pyrotechnics associated with entertainment and celebration on a global basis.

Since its inception in Montreal in 1992 when attendees from more than 20 nations met, there have been 17 very successful fireworks Symposia:

  • Montreal, Canada, 1992
  • Vancouver, Canada, 1994
  • Walt Disney World, Orlando, 1996
  • Halifax, Canada, 1998
  • Naples, Italy, 2000
  • Walt Disney World, Orlando, 2001
  • Valencia, Spain, 2003
  • Shiga, Japan, 2005
  • Berlin, Germany, 2006
  • the 10th anniversary back in Montreal, 2007
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2009
  • Porto/Gaia, Portugal, 2010
  • Malta, 2012
  • Changsha, China, 2013
  • Bordeaux, France, 2015
  • Omagari, Japan, 2017
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2019

The International Symposium on Fireworks Society Ltd. was incorporated in the US in 2017.

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