International Symposium on Fireworks Society

Board of Directors

Ettore Contestablie

(Ettore is on the left)

Ettore Contestabile

Ettore Contestabile has chaired the ISFS since the inception of the Symposia in 1992, and has successfully resisted many coups to de-throne him. 
He does stuff for the Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory.

Roger Schneider

Roger Schneider
VP and Secretary

Dr. Schneider is president of Rho Sigma Associates, a scientific and engineering consulting firm in the U.S., which he co-founded in 1974. He provides expertise in pyrotechnics and explosives to a diverse group of clients. With regards to fireworks, he is primarily interested in fireworks physics (or should that be fireworks fysics, or perhaps, phireworks physics?), but has been known to do R&D on pyrotechnic compositions and devices, laboratory analysis and testing, hazards evaluation and assessment, and accident investigation. Dr. Schneider holds a Ph.D. degree in physical inorganic chemistry with minors in physics and mechanical engineering (UWM, 1982).

Andrew Tang

Andrew Tang
VP, Treasurer and Director, Asian Section - China

Mr. Andrew Tang, BSc. MPhil, CChem. FRSC, UK Registered Chemist, is currently General Manager of TCPL. Mr. Tang is a Charter Chemist specialized in Analytical Chemistry and has more than 35 years' experience in the quality assurance industry. Mr. Tang currently serves in China National Fireworks Standardization Committee, Deputy Secretary General of International Fireworks Association (IFA), member of expert committee of IFA, member of US AOAC, sub-committee of International Laboratory Management and Fellowship of UK Royal Chemistry Society. He has been managing complex testing projects and control programs in the fields of Fireworks, Toys, Household products, Environmental Monitoring Program, Food Production and Cosmetic Manufacturing. He was Chief in factory evaluation for fireworks manufacturing, Food and Drugs manufacturing and Medical Devices manufacturing base on cGMP/HACCP requirements. The first expert who brought testing to China fireworks industry. He has been the program manager of China Fireworks Testing program since 1994 for American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL). Mr. Tang has successfully established a quality assurance system for many factories and trading companies applying modules C, D and E under CE Directives 2007/23/EC and 2013/29/EU.

Mitsuri Arai

Mitsuru Arai
VP and Director, Asian Section - Japan

Dr. Mitsuru Arai is professor of the University of Tokyo in the field of chemistry of energetic materials and safety engineering.

He is chairman of the Japan Explosives Society and has been acting as judge at the fireworks contest of Omagari, which is one of the best fireworks competitions in Japan, since 2007, and at the fireworks contest of Sumida River which is one of the most prestigious fireworks competitions in Japan. Since he likes to enjoy a fireworks show with good wine, he always complains that they do not offer any wine during those contests at all. He has been involved in the Symposium since Malta, 2012.

Jorge Marquez
VP and Director, Mexico and South American Section